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has approved an assault weapons ban that was proposed by california senator dianne feinstein. she was clearly angry when a tea party colleague tried to scold her about the constitution. >> it seems to me that we all begin with the constitution. >> i am not a sixth grader. i was a mayor for nine years i walked in and i saw people shot i've looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. i have seen bullets that implode. sandy hook youngsters were dismembered. >> catherine: the measure now goes to the full senate for consideration. it's going to be a tough fight - because of opposition by the n-r-a and and an expected filibuster by republicans. feinstein is hoping president obama can help fight for the ban -- like president clinton did for her bill back in the 90's. the president has been pushing for tighter gun since the grade school shooting in connecticut. the families of some of the children killed in that shooting were in san francisco today. they joined bay area leaders to mark the three- month anniversary of the massacre. and announce an initiative to prevent future
- championed by senator dianne feinstein- was shot down before it reached the senate floor today. senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will 'not' be a part of a gun control package he's bringing to the senate floor. he says there's just not enough support. feinstein wrote the bill and says she's determined to get a vote. she'll put the ban in a separate amendment. >> president obama is headed to israel. he boarded air force one tonight. this is his second trip to the middle east as president. and his first visit to israel and the west bank since taking office.. he'll be meeting israeli leaders - and also with officials of the palestinian authority -- and with jordan's leader. the white house is playing down expectations for the trip. >> today marks ten years since the start of the war in iraq. about a million americans served in iraq. and about 4-thousand- 5=hundred service-members died there. along with at least 2- thousand government contractors, and 174 journalists. a c-n-n poll says only four out of ten americans now believe it was a smart decision to invad
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2